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Researchers discover new class of drugs that may help tackle resistant cancers

Apr, 11 2018

Researchers have discovered a new class of drugs that could help treat cancer patients who no longer respond to existing therapies. The drug may not become available to patients for a number of years yet, but researchers at Imperial College London in the UK believe that if clinical trials are successful, it could be used to tackle a variety of treatment-resistant cancers.

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Health Ministry bans sale of 14 steroid-creams sans doctor's prescription

April, 8 2018

Health Ministry has banned over-the-counter (OTC) sale of 14 steroid-based creams and ointments by bringing them under the Schedule H of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.

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India’s antibiotics usage witnessed maximum rise among LMICs between 2000-2015

Mar, 30 2018

India witnessed the highest increase in antibiotic consumption among Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) between 2000 and 2015, a study has said.

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Overdose of Vitamin D kills 10 Year Old Boy in New Delhi

Apr, 30 2016

The AIIMS doctors found that the boy had been prescribed the Vitamin D medicines by rural doctors to cure his poor health issues, which was much more than the safer limit.

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Zika Virus

Feb, 8 2016

Zika virus is spread to people through mosquito bites. The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes).

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Cancer drugs, stents at 60% discount soon

Nov, 16 2015

Over 200 cancer drugs, 186 medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases and 148 stents and cardiac implants will now be available at central government hospitals at prices 50-60% lower than the open market.

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Smoking dads can pass cancer genes to kids

Nov, 15 2015

Here's another reason for you to kick the butt. Research conducted at AIIMS has showed that men who smoke or consume tobacco in other forms are more likely to father children suffering from cancer.

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Scientifically validated Rs 5 anti-diabetes herbal drug launched by CSIR

OCT, 26 2015

A scientifically validated anti-diabetes herbal drug, named 'BGR-34', was launched by a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) lab in Lucknow on Sunday. A combination of natural extracts from plants, the drug is based on Ayurveda and has no side effects. The drug is for management of type-II diabetes mellitus.

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Are Smartphones Useful When Performing Clinical Duties

OCT, 12 2015

Authors of an Imperial College London paper published in BMJ Innovations surveyed 2107 doctors at five UK hospital sites about their smartphone use at work.

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At 13 billion pills in a year, India tops in antibiotics use globally

SEP, 17 2015

India is the world's antibiotic-popping capital, recording the highest number of such pills consumed annually — 13 billion against 10 billion in China and 7 billion in the US.

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Technology Bringing the Pharma Industry Closer to Patients

SEP, 8 2015

The pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of its transformation phase, where it is exploring more and more opportunities to increase its productivity and quality. Since the regulations that drive the industry have become more stringent, it is now imperative for companies to comply with the compliances imposed.

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Govt to curb prescription and sale of antibiotics to combat drug resistance

SEP, 7 2015

DILI (TIMOR LESTE):The government may soon issue restrictions on prescription and sale of commonly used antibiotics in an attempt to avoid development of drug resistance to infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, urinary tract infection and even HIV.

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Why India ignores a $16 billion smoking-led health crisis

SEP, 3 2015

In January, the government asked for public opinion on tougher new laws to curb smoking: To raise the minimum smoking age to 21 from 18, and to ban the sale of single cigarettes, which account for 70 percent of nationwide cigarette sales.

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How faster USFDA nods will help Indian generic drug makers

SEP, 2 2015

MUMBAI: A long spell of sluggish approvals for generic drugs in the US may be nearing an end with early signs of a rebound.

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Science and technology minister Harsh Vardhan launches web-based system for DBT projects

SEP, 1 2015

NEW DELHI: Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan on Monday launched a web-enabled information management system for the department of biotechnology (DBT) projects.

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Nano medicine breakthrough a giant leap for India

Aug, 25 2015

CHANDIGARH: National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali has put India in the select club of countries that manufacture raw material for generating nano-crystal based medicines.

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How to beat diabetes naturally

Aug, 19 2015

Diabetes isn't just a popular trend in medicine; for an increasing number of people, it looms large. Life changes for a diabetic; worse so for a diabetic kid.

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Patients can contribute to medical studies now

Aug, 19 2015

To make medical research more patient-centric, top journals are now inviting reviews from people who have suffered the disease in question.Moving away from traditional ways of publishing medical research studies, renowned journals around the world are now adding a human touch to research by introducing patients as reviewers.

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Independence Day Special: India’s Healthcare Challenge

Aug, 16 2015

Since independence, India's healthcare systems have undergone a sea change. Some basic statistics reveals this remarkable transformation. The life expectancy at birth has more than doubled from 32 years at the time of independence to 66 years in 2013.

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Focusing on rare diseases

Aug, 03 2015

In yet another instance of collaboration between scientists and doctors, Indian Organisation for Rare Diseases (I-ORD) was formed earlier this year to sensitise policy-makers and convince pharmaceutical industry to focus on the problem of rare diseases in the country.

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Major hurdles 'cleared' for clinical trials in India

Jul, 24 2015

NEW DELHI: The recent amendment brought to the compensation guidelines in carrying out clinical trials in the country has cleared "major hurdles" for testing of new drugs, especially for those diseases for which cure is not yet available in India, experts today claimed.

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What is Swine Flu? It's Symptoms,Precautions & Treatment

June, 27 2015

Swine influenza (also called swine flu, hog flu and pig flu) is an infection by any one of several types of swine influenza virus.

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9th Medical Informatics 2014 Conference at AIIMS | Meet CompuRx Infotech at the Booth

May, 26 2015

New Delhi, Oct 27, 2014 - Indian Association for Medical Informatics was founded in 1993. It has biennial Conference & this is the 9th conference which is being held in AIIMS on 30th & 31st of Oct. 2014.

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Mobile Apps Come in Handy to Connect Patients,Doctors

Apr, 03 2015

MADURAI:Calling up hospitals to check the availability of preferred doctors is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Hospitals, doctors, medicos and patients are adapting newer technological applications to keep them abreast with the times.

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What Next after Polio in Indias Health Agenda

March, 01 2015

That landmark achievement is now prompting the question ‘What next?’ On the campaign trail, leaders of both major national parties, Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party, are urging action on even tougher health challenges, including the ultimate reform: universal health coverage for all citizens.

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Stem Cells and the Lawsuit That May Shape Our Medical Future

Feb, 12 2015

Regenerative Sciences, a medical company that pioneered a procedure to treat orthopedic injuries using patients’ own stem cells, is fighting the Food and Drug Administration tooth and nail over a claim that human cells should be federally regulated as drugs, in a landmark case that has far-reaching implications for the future of regenerative medicine.

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