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Prescription Pad - About Us


In a nutshell, the journey of CompuRx Infotech can be themed as – “A tech-fascination that led to a medical revolution.”

COMPURX INFOTECH PVT. LTD. was established by Dr. Anil Vij in the year 2003. A noted cardiologist and clinician with over two and a half decades of experience, Dr. Vij is the man behind CompuRx. In so many years, we have emerged as a leading medical software development company catering primarily to medical practice management and automation. Anticipating the absence of a good medical writing software in the Indian context, Dr. Vij established his own software development company, which specifically caters to the medical domain.

His concept of developing Prescription Pad has earned name for the country a place in the international arena. Prescription Pad has come up as the ultimate choice for the doctors, clinicians and hospitals as the best automation tool that is poised to simplify medical writing, prescription management and patient health record keeping. Today, Prescription Pad has achieved the shape of a holistic medical writing software that can truly called the benchmark in the industry.

Prescription Pad is the result of years of extensive market research and interaction with leading specialists. The software has jumped up to several versions of its own to take the present shape. Prescription Pad is the first of its kind in India and one of the best in the world. With Prescription Pad, doctors can produce first rate, foolproof, 100% safe prescriptions with literally “Zero” errors. Containing more than 20,000 pages of text information, treatment protocols on 1200 common diseases and complete diagnostic information, Prescription Pad is increasing gaining acceptance among the medical fraternity across the globe. Available in desktop as well as mobile versions, it can be called a portable medical writing software that is being as a ready reckoner by clinicians any time.

Gradually, Dr. Vij endeavoured to other neglected areas of medicine and healthcare management like Hospital & Patient management software, Personal Health Record keeping software along with many other health related IT activities. He got a complete, dynamic drug reference database designed and developed to fulfil all the Needs of the clinician while writing prescriptions. Simultaneously, he also got Hospital & Patient care Management System (HPMS) software designed & developed for the benefit of the doctors and hospitals.

The Leading Edge

CompuRx Infotech is the brainchild of a very able and competent physicist of the country, who has the strength and support of a family of doctors. Dr. Vij takes a very practical approach in developing the software as he himself is involved in the making of the software. Unlike other software companies that work solely on a theory or algorithm, CompuRx Infotech takes things truly – “Medically”. The solutions developed are very patient centric and for the advantage of the doctors, clinicians and hospitals.

Our Mission – In Medico-Clinical Software Development

Completely dedicated to the global health sector, our mission is:

  • To popularize the use of computers in the healthcare sector by producing useful, innovative world-class software at affordable cost and achieve the highest standards in patient care and management.
  • To provide world class software solutions to service providers in health care for efficient management of hospitals & nursing homes at an affordable cost by adopting latest tools in technology.
  • (The related software information is available at www.dhanvantrihpms.com)

  • To develop high quality products that support positive lifestyle changes and health improvement, eliminating human errors in drug delivery system to the maximum.
  • To help create a society in which people enjoy healthy and comfortable lives.
  • (To achieve this objective company has launched www.patients-care.com website which has drug interactions and brand interactions checking utilities with reference to Indian Pharmacopoeia, patient care tips and information, making it the only website in the world to help Indian population.)

The Believes that shape our “Determinations”

CompuRx Infotech has started out of a belief. A belief that relies heavily on information technology. When that belief is blended with knowledge and experience, it turned out to miracles. This gave birth to the company and its range of innovative and industry leading software products. What we believe builds the foundation to our determination.

  • Providing highest level of clinical care
  • Being sensitive and responsive to individual needs
  • Working together as a team
  • Respecting the personal privacy of individuals and confidentiality of information
  • Being honest in our communication & commitments
  • Bonding in long-term relationship and support service
  • Participating in efforts to improve the health and wellness of our community

The Core Strength

Dr. Anil Vij is a people’s man. He believes that products and processes are secondary to “People”. That is why he has invested a lot in creating a vast pool of knowledgeable, smart and experienced software engineers, doctors, pharmacists and support staff. Together they are turning the dream into reality.

Secondly, we involve the top-edge technology and tools in our job. All our software products are developed in the latest programming languages, database systems and reporting tools.

Research takes another part of our strength. We do lots of primary and secondary research to collect data and information and turn them into valuable work. This is because of the research, CompuRx Infotech came up with so many innovative software in patient care products, unlike others, who are just confined to the administrative and billing side of hospital management.

One burning example that supports our claim is “Dhanvantri Hospital Management & Patient Care System”, which is complete with all the regular modules for hospital administration in addition to innovative modules for patient care and management. We strictly follow all the guidelines laid down by National Accreditation Board.

Future Vision

Anticipating the success of our flagship software – Prescription Pad and Dhanvantri Hospital Management & Patient Care System, we are now buckled up to develop a software for E-Governance in the healthcare sector for the benefit of the entire nation. You can get a hint of the same at www.e-healthsolutions.com. We are also planning to introduce a software on “Differential Diagnosis” that could help in diagnosing a disease by entering its signs, symptoms and essential laboratory tests. This is step forward to completely automate electronic prescription writing in the near future.

Our Offerings: The Products that we proudly Own

List of Software

  • Prescription Writing Software (www.prescriptionpad.in)
  • Dhanvantri Hospital & Patient Management Software (www.dhanvantrihpms.com)
  • Personal Electronic Health Record Keeping Software (www.iehr2020.com)
  • School Clinics Management Software (www.compurxinfotech.com)
  • TPA Cashless Card Management Software
  • Pharmacy Management Software
  • Laboratory Management Software
  • Blood Bank Management Software++
  • Ambulance Management Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Pay Role Management Software


  • Drug Database Book “Drugs A2Z” (www.drugsa2z.com)
  • Drug Database in CD Format & For Smart Phones (Commissioning Stage)

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