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Potential Advantages of Prescription Pad

  • For the Doctor

    Increased quality of the clinical work

    Reduced cost of treatment

    Increased productivity and efficiency of the organisation

    Increased competitiveness

    Useful for further education and training

    Availability of database for research & statistics

    More effective monitoring of projects & disease surveillance

    Reduced postal and courier charges

    Reduced running cost by improved organisation working

    Reduced waiting and treatment time

    More flexible planning

    Improved communication with the administration

  • For the patient

    Reduced waiting and treatment time

    Faster relief & reduced financial burden to payer

    Care provided is fast & some times at their doorstep

    Treatment & post-treatment close to the patient’s home

    Reduced risks to patient by avoiding transportation

    Possibility of treatment even at inaccessible places via internet

    Guarantee of safe & secure complete medical record at one place

    Availability of compact EMR, which can be easily carried away anywhere

    Reduced risk of unintentional Prescription errors

    Reduced risk of complications due to drug interactions or drug safety in pregnancy, lactation,elderly etc..

    Quicker access to specialised care

    Prevention of unnecessary stress & money loss caused by multiple examinations

    Prevention of unnecessary diagnostics

    Reduced risk of incorrect treatment

  • For the Hospitals / Regional centres

    Increased quality of work

    Reduced running cost

    More satisfaction for the patient since his all medical records are at one place & safe

    More satisfied customers & improved public image

    Increased organisational productivity and efficiency

    Increased competitiveness

    Increased quality of research, further education and training

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