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Software Features

Brands, Drugs & Diseases Details

Prescription Pad is like the holy book for medical practitioners that contains a comprehensive information of all major and minor details of the drug. With more than 70,000 brands of Indian pharmaceuticals, the software also has a growing database of British and American drugs. All the information is organised in a manner, where you can fetch any detail within a fraction of a moment.

Be it searching a particular drug for the disease, reviewing its complete details, finding out all available substitutes, understanding its safety features or checking the complete monograph, Prescription Pad has justifiably accommodated every piece of information.

  • Search drug according to Name, Indications, Drug Group, Brand Group and Manufacturer.
  • Check safety parameters Drug wise or Brand wise for Paediatrics, Elderly, Pregnancy, Liver, Renal and Pulmonary Insufficiency
  • Get a glance of complete drug Information of the brand selected for its Indication, Mode of Action, Dose, Side Effects, Cross Reactions, Contra Indications, Special Precautions and Interaction

Promoting Prescribing Generic Drugs

Generic drugs work exactly the same as brand-name medicines. However, they are more economical compared to their branded counterparts. The practice of generic drug prescribing is now being encouraged in many countries of the world, including India so that medical amenities should reach to a maximum of people. Prescription Pad further popularised prescribing generic medicines electronically.

With more than 3,000 names in the database, doctors can now prescribe generic drugs to their patients. With Prescription Pad, the names of such drugs can be directly printed on the final prescription just by selecting the appropriate option in the software interface itself.

  • Complete monograph of more than 3,000 generic drugs in its ever-growing database of medicines
  • A robust database of generic drugs complied directly from the from manufacturers’ drug monographs and the authority in the industry, which include PDR of USA, British National Formulary and Martindale book of pharmacology
  • All generic drugs included in the software database are complete with their vital information such as drug’s indications, contraindications, dosage, mode of action side effects and precautions

Disease Specific Drug Safety Information

Drug safety is an important consideration for medical and healthcare practitioners that enables them to restrict or limit their prescribing of the drug at issue. Specific diseases, even demand a very thoughtful deliberation while advising a prescription. Prescription Pad takes care of Disease Specific Drug Safety Information by showing accurate, clear, reliable, and useful drug safety information right on individual disease level.

This helps in doing away with issues such as disease-specific drug interactions, irrational drug use, medication errors, drug overdoses, polypharmacy. This way Prescription Pad helps doctors in making the most informed treatment choices specific to the disease.

  • Access to the most updated information about the potential risks and benefits of a large database of marketed drug
  • Demonstrated contraindications for issues such as G6PD (40 drugs), PORPHYRIA (223 drugs), HYPERTENSION, COPD etc.
  • Disease specific drug safety indication on parameters such as Mode of Action, Dosage, Side Effect, Cross Reaction, Special Precaution etc.

Patient’s Investigations Details

Proper diagnosis leads the way to the right medical investigations required for the patients to undergo. Prescription Pad intuitively takes care of the same, thereby easing the doctor’s task. As soon as you fill in the diagnosis details and all vital findings about the patients’ diseases, the software intelligently prompts the corresponding investigations suggested for the disease symptoms.

After a thoughtful observation and the suggestive investigation list, you can add more or delete any specific investigation from the final prescription rolled out to the patient. This is how Prescription Pad enables a more professional and targeted approach to understanding the cause of the issue.

  • Detailed list of investigations with their expansive description, normal values/range and standard remarks for normal values
  • Represents the investigation result in different formats such as Text Values or Graphical Presentation (Chart)
  • Download customised templates to show the investigation results for more clarity

Patient & Family Medical History

Patient’s family medical history holds significant information in understanding the current and probable disease conditions. Any disease which is persistent generations ago can leave its impact in the future generations as well. Therefore, Prescription Pad has great provisions to cite information of the patient’s present as well as historic familial medical records.

Doctors can note each and every aspect of the family medical history of the patients so that the present disease condition can be entirely understood and future recommendations can be made accordingly. This will help both in common medical conditions such as hypertensions and more severe issues like diabetes, cancer or any genetically transmitted disease.

  • Chronological organisation of patients' prescriptions generated through Prescription Pad
  • All vital information such as complaints, diagnosis done, procedures carried out, brands prescribed and investigations suggested are made handy
  • Patients' family history with the disease details, condition, severity, procedures carried out for all relatives

Treatment Protocol for Diseases in Combination

In case a patient is suffering from two or more diseases simultaneously, the treatment procedure becomes clumsy. The doctor has to take a lot of aspects in to consideration. The effect of one medication may adversely impact the condition of other disease. Prescription Pad has taken care of this by advising the best treatment protocol in case a patient is simultaneously suffering from two or more diseases.

The software prompts about the disease highlights with information specific to category, type, special highlights, treatment alert in special situations, treatment alert for disease in combination and more as soon as a similar condition is observed.

  • Complete information about the disease such as differential diagnosis/causes, related investigations/interpretations
  • Advised Investigations for the particular disease in consideration with all possible investigation profile
  • Option to find or locate treatment protocol for a particular disease from the list of all available diseases

Pregnancy Monitoring Module for Gynaecologists

Pregnancy and child birth are two most critical phenomena. Here the doctor is not dealing with a single medical condition at a time. With time, many complications and associated risks arise that may pose issue in normal pregnancy and child birth.

Prescription Pad takes a holistic approach in updating the doctors about the regular as well as specific observations and points to consider during the entire course of the pregnancy. All the small and big aspects of pregnancy have been addressed with their interrelation with diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypothyroidism, which normally may occur.

  • Automatic calculation of expected date of delivery with reference to the last menstrual period
  • Keeps complete obstetric record the patient with updates on the present status of the pregnancy every time a visit is made
  • Treatment alerts for all possible or intermittent diseases according to the diagnosis or investigation results fed to the software.

Child Growth and Development Module for Paediatricians

The first five years is the most critical period in the child’s growth. The child needs to be observed for various disease conditions and disorders in this time for the better, healthy and strong future of the child. The child growth and development module in the software takes an analytical approach towards studying and updating the child’s overall growth pattern based on the various facts and figures provided.

Paediatricians are automatically updated on any probable deficiency or disorder as noticed by the software so that necessary remedial actions can be taken at the best possible time.

  • Gives a complete summary of the Growth and development status of the child updating whether height and weight etc are normal for its age
  • Comparison of child growth parameters with standard medical stats for the same status on the basis of height, weight and head circumference
  • Graph or chart viewer for the various important factors such as Apgar score, Denver Developmental Screening, body surface area calculator etc.

Future Updates of Prescription Pad Software

  • Automatic dose calculation would be possible while you are writing prescription on the basis of height & weight or body surface area.
  • Automatic alert in case of overshooting the maximum dose of a particular drug while writing prescriptions.
  • Automatic alert in case you have prescribed by mistake a antidiabetic or anticancer drug when your patient is not suffering from diabetes or any cancerous disease.
  • Automatic dose calculation in cases of renal failure when creatinine clearance test report is available or entered in the patient record.
  • Automatic information of a substitute in case a patient having drug interactions or drug contraindicated in a particular disease like in G6PD(40 drugs contraindicated) or PORPHYRIA( 223 drugs contraindicated ).
  • Auto suggestion of better or alternate treatment guidelines by the software through artificial intelligence.
  • We are working on differential diagnosis utility which would be able to give differential diagnosis on entering patient's sign & symptoms and few available reports.
  • Software would be able to prompt first line, evidence based treatment for any disease during prescription writing.

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