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Posted on Mar, 29 2016

Prescription Management Software: Simplifying Patient Management in the e-way Posted on March, 29 2016

E-prescriptions are computer generated prescriptions, instead of writing on a piece of paper, your healthcare provider create directly to their system. Your prescriptions are sent electronically through a secured and private network to your pharmacy –with the prescription pad network.

E-prescribing gives benefits to its users in many ways, like-

  • Your prescription Reaches to your pharmacy before you leave your doctor.
  • Very convenient way, As you need not to make extra trip to your pharmacy by dropping off your prescription.
  • It becomes very easy to understand as there is no handwritten prescription.
  • With the help of E-prescription, now it is very for your doctor to prescribe most cost effective medication based on your insurance coverage.

Laws protecting the privacy of e-prescription

Information related to all your personal health, Mentioned in your prescription whether written or electronic, is protected by a federal laws and state laws. The federal law is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA ensures that your personal health information be shared only for the purpose of providing you the clinical care. E-prescriptions provide this assurance.

Enforcement Administration (DEA) Regulations for controlled substance e-prescribing took effect in June 1, 2010, state boards of pharmacy are offering guidance to licensees regarding DEA e-prescribing software requirements and the legality of controlled substance e-prescribing in their respective states.

E-prescribing software developers are in the process of ensuring that products meet the new DEA requirements and have the required certifications.

DEA’s Rule on e-prescribing Formally allows electronic prescribing of controlled substances, and provides regulations by which e-prescribing will be governed.

According to rule, Before any prescriber or pharmacist can prescribe or receive any e-prescription for controlled substance, software being used should be certified by an approved outside agency.

DEA rules eliminates barrier to e-prescribing adoption, As pharmacists and prescribers no longer needed to maintain a dual workflow to accommodate electronic prescription. Prescription Pad operates an e-prescribing Network and issues regular reports tracking the status of e-prescription.

As hurdles are overcome, Electronic Prescribing Software Standards and Data Storage, to the updating of state laws – e-prescribing will have a chance to achieve its potential as a universal, efficient, and safer method of helping patients access their medications.

Implementation of E-prescribing rules

While the legality of e-prescribing controlled substances will vary from state-to-state for some time to come, e-prescribing as a whole will likely continue to take a firmer hold throughout the country – with the new DEA regulations removing a major barrier to its further adoption.

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