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Posted on April, 29 2014

"Health is Wealth",This century old proverb reminds us how it is important for us to stay fit and healthy. From the past centuries, health system in the world has been undergoing a series of change for the betterment. Medical technology both at the practice and infrastructure level is changing rapidly. With the advancement of Information and Computer Technology (ICT), medicine also has become online. India being, the first to many innovations those hold great achievements in medical sciences and computer technology together.

This has given rise to the birth of its own indigenous medical prescription writing software; ‘Prescription Pad.’ Medical prescription is a piece of paper that starts with the first consultation and is referred in all subsequent visits, medical procedures and surgeries, and alike. This piece of paper becomes a necessary part for the patients and the family members, doctors, hospitals, and in some cases becomes evidences in courtrooms. No one would aver like to lose this document or misplace it. However, many times we do lose them, or the volume of such records become so big that we fail to properly file them or keep them as a repository. Similarly, for doctors also, it becomes difficult to find links, if certain prescriptions are lost for a long history.

Medical prescription writing software, such as Prescription Pad makes it possible to do away with all such difficulties both for the doctors and for the patients. Such a software is a complete storehouse of the years of medical history of the patients. Not only these; for the doctors, such software bring all the information from the ancient and latest medical world. Doctors can avail various information, including drug information, patients’ information, drug reaction info, patients’ physical examinations, surgery details, investigation results etc.

The software enables doctors to conduct automatic drug safety checks for patients, who are pregnant or have renal insufficiency, pulmonary insufficiency, or hepatic insufficiency. It can automatically provide drug safety checks with dose adjustment indication and drug (brand and trademarks) information.

Being a complete end-to-end medical software, it provides solution for even generating outdoor cards. With the help of the tool, one can generate the OPD cards, which is valid for a specific time and department. You can also generate OPD receipt every time a patient makes a visit. This facility is available even on a different computer connected through the local network.

Medical prescription writing software like Prescription Pad are real game changers in the course of entire medical science and its management. Smart medical practitioners must keep abreast with the technology.

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