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November, 22 2014

Let us agree that a woman’s heart has been neglected notoriously…

Pitching directly, recent research and studies have revealed that heart diseases are the number one killers for all women. Generally, more of the men experience heart strokes; however, the fact is more of the women die due to heart attack.

The gravity of the concern is that heart attack in women becomes derogatory and most women die within a year of experiencing heart attack. The post is not intended to bring in a sense of fear among women or the men who love and care for their women, but to prompt you to be proactive and better deal with any inadvertent case of heart attack.

The more serious fact is that women altogether undergo a different experience than men while heart attack. It is not often that you see in movies that people suddenly stop and start to squeeze their chest, sweat heavily, face difficulty in breathing, and faint instantly. However, men usually experience a similar one. This makes the women to neglect or ignore their first symptom of heart attack.

To help you out with some tips, here are some of the symptoms that could indicate an early heart attack among women. Check for them.

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

  • Pressure in the Chest
  • Insomnia or Sleeplessness
  • Sensation of Nausea or Indigestion
  • Feeling Overheated and Sweating
  • Pain in Neck, Jaw, Ear, or Shoulder
  • Feeling of Fatigue or Exhaustion
  • Experiencing Anxiety and Stress
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Experiencing Lightheaded-ness or Dizziness
  • Failing to Concentrate and Loss of Memory

The symptoms in women are most of the time subtle and usually go unnoticed, rather unattended. The diagnosis also becomes difficult for the doctors, as the patients themselves are unaware of the fact that they have undergone a heart attack ever. This again calls for the medical fraternity to run planned and scheduled education or awareness program for women so that they can know about the various signs and symptoms. The benefits of such campaigns and awareness programs will help the women to identify the early signs of heart attack and will call for a proper course of treatment.

Tips on Avoiding Heart Disease in Women

  • Keep regular track of blood pressure, cholesterol panel, certain inflammatory markers, and hemoglobin a1c (sugars) and
  • Follow a strict dietary action plan and closely monitor your diet
  • Never miss your exercise routine
  • Do not fight with your stress; manage them
  • Learn about the art of staying happy and well
  • Be social - Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors
  • It is important that you should never underestimate any unusual symptom that may eventually end in a heart stroke. Do not delay in consulting your physician.

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