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October, 01 2014

E-prescription or Electronic Prescription, also sometimes called as e-Rx is the smart new way of managing and maintaining the manual process of writing prescription. This is the latest trend in the field of medical technology that is going to revolutionize completely the way doctors, hospitals, medical shops, and pharmaceutical companies are working. It includes computer & Telecommunication technology, Internet and smart mobile devices and transmits the medical data across the various recipients. For doctors, e-prescription system is a great helping hand.


  • Complete automation of manual and time-intensive method of prescription writing.
  • Selecting the right medication, transmitting prescriptions electronically, printing prescriptions.
  • Conducting all safety checks, which includes - information on the various drug to be prescribed, drug-drug interactions, concerns related to potential inappropriate dose or route of administration, various allergy concerns, cautions, and warnings.
  • Electronic facilitating of information, such as formulary (or tiered formulary) medications, authorization requirements, and patient eligibility.
  • Providing all information about availability of therapeutically appropriate and low-cost medical alternatives.
  • Creating & Updating The list of complete active medication based on the data received from applicable pharmacy drug plan.

Why E-Prescription is a Need of the Hour in India

Well, if we look at the functions of e-prescription system, they seem to be impressive. However, the challenge lies in the practice. In India, the appropriate time has come to embrace the technology of e-prescription. Have a look at the following points that will make you think how useful it is to adapt to the technology of e-prescription system.

Improved Patient Safety & Quality of Care

This system will certainly turn the course of medical practice in India. Starting from reducing medication errors and resultant adverse drug effect, it will enhance legibility. The most important aspect is avoiding any slight confusion that might arise in verbal communications.

Complete Medical and Clinical History of the Patient

Electronic prescription will bring before you the complete medical and clinical history of the patient including that of the family members, which proves to be very helpful in analysis of the disease and plan out the best course of treatment.


It truly takes great time and effort to be connected to the right person or advisor in the hospital, when the most urgent time comes. This automated system reduces the time spent on the voluminous phone calls to hospitals, pharmacies, and others. Similarly, for doctors, it also saves time answering queries and suggesting medicines over telephone. Both the doctors and the patients share information electronically.

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