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Features of Health Tablet Software

  • Preloaded with complete prescription writing software along with many other useful medical Apps., exclusively developed by the company “COMPURX INFOTECH”.

    Loaded with scores of readymade evidence based prescriptions for common diseases which can be used during prescription writing saving lot of time in rewriting.

    Prescription writing utility with drugs & brands complete clinical information in the background for reference.

    A separate medical image library is available for patient’s education & for inclusion of related images in patient’s record.

    With facility to download required items from complete list of complaints, investigations & other instructions & symbols, minimum writing is required. Any new record can be made directly from the writing area & saved in masters for future use.

    Patient’s images, X-rays, MRI & other documents, reports can be saved with patient’s record or visits.

    Prescription can be printed by Wi-Fi enabled printers or sent to various locations ( patient, nurse, front desk, laboratory, pharmacy) simultaneously by E-mail, Viber, Messaging or SMS.

  • Advantages of Health Tablet

    Ease of use & portability of device.

    Most affordable even with hoards of features.

    Multi-location working. Group discussion is possible using tablets features between various consultants sitting at different locations.

    E-consultation is possible through facetime, Skype or E-chat from any corner of the world.

    Transfer of patient’s data including Images, documents etc. is possible via internet connectivity for second opinion with other consultants on the same platform anywhere in the world.

    Patients can get best of care at their door steps without spending a single penny or with minimum of expenditure for visits/revisits to a doctor’s office.

    Two way communication is possible between doctor & patient 24 x 7 with video conferencing & transfer of latest data related to illness.

    Tablet can be used for both data gathering and dissemination of critical information.

    Instant availability on patient and drug, disease and treatment information results in fewer cases of misdiagnosis, quicker and safer drug prescriptions, quicker approvals for Rx and a reduction in medical malpractice lawsuits.

  • Other Applications

    BMI Calculator:
    Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that    applies to adult men and women.

    CHD Risk Calculator:
    Use the CHD Risk Calculator to find out your risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Child Growth Calculator:
    Use the Child Growth Calculator to find out:- How well is your child growing? See    where your kids are on a growth chart.

    Breast Cancer Calculator:
    Use the Breast Cancer Calculator to find out your risk of Breast Cancer.

    Cervical Cancer Calculator:
    Use the Cervical Cancer Calculator to find out your risk of Cervical Cancer.

    Parkland Formula:
    It is used for calculating fluid requirements in first 24 hours in case of burn.

    Iron Dose Calculator:
    It is used for calculating the iron dose for human beings in case of anaemia.

    Creatinine Clearance Calculation:
    To findout renal function in case of kidney disease.

  • Handouts:
    The Utility contains handouts about various common disease,exercise and   various diet plans in case of diabetes and overweight.

    Drug database of Indian, American And British pharmacopeia for Android   Phones & Tablets.

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