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“Dear Dr Vij, I am going through Prescription Pad Software . Obviously you have taken lot of pains to generate this important Software. My heartiest congratulations to you and your team. I am sure many physicians will slowly start using the same. Thanking you once again.”


Dr. Ramesh B. Pandit



Ex. Fellow in Cardiology, Howard University, Washington D C USA

Past President, Association of Physicians of India.

Ex. Chairman, Indian College of Physicians

Past President, Cardiological Society of India (Mumbai Branch)

Founder Chairman, Association of Physicians of India (Railway Chapter)

Chairman, Maharashtra Chapter API Conference MAPICON '94

Ex. Chief Cardiologist and Chief Medical Superintendent, Central Railway Hospital, Mumbai

Past President, American College of Chest Physicians (WIC)

Ex-Special Executive Officer, Govt. of Maharashtra

Editor, Health Book, Times of India Publication

Member Secretary, Independent Ethics Committee (IEC)


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“Dear Dr Vij, I am enjoying the Software and I will do my best to spread a word.”
Dr. Ramesh B. Pandit




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“Dear Sir, I read about Prescription Pad Software from The Hindu. It was very interesting. I have seen the FAQ's on your website. I would like to invite you to the 4th National Conference on Medical Informatics and Telemedicine, IAMI 2005 on Oct. 1st and 2nd, 2005 organized by the Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI) at Amritsar, Punjab. Please let me know in case you would like to participate or make a presentation during the event. We at IAMI are eager to have you amidst us and hear from your experience.”


Jai Ganesh

Member Secretary,

Indian Association for Medical Informatics (IAMI)


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Dr Anil Vij from Delhi presented his Prescription Pad Software in IAMI - 2005. It has been excellently made. In fact I do not know where to add. But I feel such a pad can be a standard equipment in Medical OPDs in Medical Colleges where Consultants keep on changing every day in every OPD. This way the Medical Students who take training in these OPDs will get on hand training in benefits of Information Technology in Medical Science as well.”

Dr. Sanjay Bedi
Assoc. Prof. Deptt. of Pathology
Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences Amritsar, Punjab India

Editor-in-Chief, Indian Journal of Medical Informatics

Convener, 4th National Conference of IAMI


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“Dear Dr Vij, Congratulations for developing doctor's task made easy Software.”


Engr. S. M. Raihan

Director (Technical)

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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“Dear Dr. Vij, I am a PhD student at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum. I am working on some aspects of psychiatry, where we need to monitor the patients very closely, and at different time intervals, keep track of all the medications, side-effects etc. We are thinking on such a Software. It will help a lot in my research.”



Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology,

Jagathy, Trivandrum,



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“Dear Doctor Vij, I read a review of your software in the news and was very impressed. I congratulate you on your effort. the lack of a Pharma info that is electronic for the India scenario was wide. Even CIIMS or MIIMS could put one together. I wish you good success in this. please let me know the cost of this as well as further details about the software.”


Dr. B. Praveen

MDS, Oral Surgeon


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“Dear Dr. Anil Vij, it is nice to read you. Your hard work deserves more recognition and rewards, I feel. You are not an IT Person, your area of expertise is different, but your product is a good milestone for IT in the Medical Profession. I think Prescription Pad can be a good educational tool as a Reference Guide for Medical Students. Keep up your Good Work.”


Seema N. R

GE Energy

Technical Reporter of Mathrubhumi (Leading Daily in Kerala)


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A very thoughtfully designed software. A very helpful tool for Prescribing Doctors.”


Dr. Sanjay Sikka

Apollo Hospital,





An excellent combination of complete Drug Database & Patient's Data saving utilities. Really useful software.”


Dr. Atul  Mathur

Escorts Heart Institute,





Never worked on a better software than this. Has good time saving feature.”


Dr. Rajesh Sainani

Jaslok Hospital,





It is pleasure to work through the Software. You need not to worry about Drug Interactions or Safety Profiles any more.”


Dr. Atul  Mehrotra
Consulting Physician & Pneumatologist,





Brilliantly designed, feature rich Software with down to earth price.”


Dr. Pankaj Soni
Consulting Physician,

New Delhi



“Dear Dr Anil Vij, the concept of the software and its usage is simply Superb.”


Parthasarathy Jagan

Director, Marketing


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